Panel, Door M1081
Low Clutch Piston
Fuel Filter / Water Seperator
Filter Element air, 5 Ton
Light, Indicator
Seal, Inner Hub
Belt, Set of 2
Shifter Fork
Filter Element Fluid
Filter Element
Valve Assm. Air Supply
Filter Element
Seal, #2 Axle, M900 Series
Dipstick, Oil, Used
Breather Asm
Bushing, Sleeve
Stud, Shouldered
Elbow C P
Reducer, Pipe
Coupling 1/8-27 Brass
O-Ring, Fuel Water Sep. M900 Series
We stock a wide variety of Surplus Military Vehicle Parts including 2-1/2 ton, and 5 ton trucks, cucv trucks, HMMWV, 900 series, 800 series, M1028, MRAP and other collectable military vehicles.

If we do not have it in stock, one of our Parts Representatives will be glad to hunt it down for you. Give us a call at 864-422-0370.

Military vehicles are designed for rugged terrain use in adverse conditions and potential combat by the military. They are not D.O.T. approved for highway driving and should be driven off road only.

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